Positive Mental Exercises – Natural Remedies For Anxiety Relief

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Anxiety: one of the worse feelings ANYONE can encounter in a life time. Medication like Xanax and Klonopin are wonderful and can be very useful, but if you you are just like me, you do not want to rely on medicine itself to solve all of your problems. Yes, it’s there to help us when times are bad, don’t get me wrong! I’m no saint and will admit I use one or the other to help me out when times are really bad. Yet, I want to believe I am a fighter and can conquer this on my own. Anxiety relief on my own IS possible. So before I take the short cut and take my medication, I try the following first.

  • Take deep breaths – Like I’ve mentioned before, breathing is a wonderful exercise that anyone can do. Slow, deep, and controlled breaths can help slow down your heart rate when it’s racing. After I breath, it can give me a dizzy like effect to my brain where I can continue to work and function, but it helps me take my mind off of anxiety. So in a good way, I get dizzy in the end.
  • Aromatherapy – One of the best investments I’ve made is an oil diffuser. You can find many great diffusers on Amazon for any price point you are looking at. I highly recommend InnoGear, especially for your desk or cubical (just make sure your coworkers are okay with the smell!) I use therapeutic grade oils and put it on everyday at work. InnoGear is amazing in two ways. First, when you turn the lights on, the colors changes smoothly. Watching the color changes relaxes my mind a bit and gives me a visual calming effect. Second, it produces a natural smell and aroma that seems natural in a way. For example, one of the oils I enjoy using is Sweet Orange. Smelling oranges when I do my breathing exercises make me think about positive things like Orange Creamsicles, or fresh squeezed orange juice, to even when you pull an orange apart to eat it. Thinking about those positive things help me ignore the negativity and anxiety that is caused by it.
  • Change the music to a more relaxing calming sound – My music tastes varies in different ways. I enjoy classic rock like Aerosmith, Beatles, The Doors, Led Zeppelin to 90’s grunge music and even some of today’s pop music. However as amazing these bands are, they will not stop my heart from beating a mile a second and some can add more negative thoughts to your head as well. So I utilize Spotify and their playlists. I type in the searches for Meditation, Zen, to even Native American flute music. The calming tones of the music help me relax and breath. Try it sometime!
  • Take 10 minutes out of my day to find a video or something to to make me laugh – When you are anxious, all you are able to feel is worry, hurt, and anticipation something is wrong. So why not counter act that feeling? One of my favorite things to laugh at is cat videos. Seriously, go on YouTube and type in “Funny Cat Videos” or “Funny Pet Videos”. Watching them make me laugh a bit and by the end of the video, I tend to forget why I was anxious and helps me continue my day. It can be anything that will make you laugh, from funny pet videos, to watching your favorite comedian, to even typing in YouTube or google “funny”.

If you ask me, these simple tips help me 90% of the time with my anxiety and depression. It’s not your fault you suffer from an anxiety disorder or depression; it’s no one’s fault at all! You can not control how you feel all the time. However, if you are like me, you are a fighter and you want to fight or get it under control. Anxiety medicine and anti-depressants are wonderful drugs when they are utilized properly. However, if we use our mind and our scenes to the full extent, you’ll be surprised on how much you yourself can help yourself.

Got Anxiety? Just Breath

“Remember to breathe. It is after all, the secret of life.”
-Gregory Maquire, A Lion Among Men

I’m not saying everyone’s job is as difficult or as easy as mine, however I can say mine can be very stressful and anxious-ridden 90% of the time. Let’s face it, anxiety in the work place sucks. I work in the mortgage/finance business where you can not move at a snail’s pace and you also need to be on top of your game 24/7 when you are at work. And when one of your jobs is to be an assistant to an executive in the company, it can get crazier and more demanding at times, especially if the executive are one of those “brilliant but crazy” type of people. My up-brings and all of the mentors and bosses I’ve had helped me develop a thick skin, but that still don’t stop me from having an anxiety moment or having a moment of depression. Hey, we’re human after all! Continue reading Got Anxiety? Just Breath